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SNP delighted to launch innovative cleaning and disinfecting systems for the food industry and other industrial facilities

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SNP joins forces with Lafferty Equipment

Cleaning and disinfecting range extends SNP’s offering to Food Industry

The Spray Nozzle People (SNP) is pleased to announce it has boosted its range of spray solutions for food manufacturers with an agreement to supply US firm Lafferty Equipment Manufacturing’s innovative range of equipment to spray, fog and foam cleaning agents and disinfectants.

SNP has long been a provider of spray nozzle and cleaning in place (CIP) solutions to the food industry, supplying nozzles and systems for a range of applications such as precision spraying, coating, pasteurising, spray drying and mixing. The Lafferty range complements the company’s existing spray nozzle products, adding washdown guns, venturi mixing systems, foaming systems, fogging systems and many other solutions to help improve cleaning and sanitisation around food production plants of all types.

The Lafferty range includes:

Entry Way Foamer systems

These timed units will deliver foam across the floor of entry ways. The sanitising foam will cling to the

footwear of anyone one moving past ensuring pathogen control between zones. They are an excellent

replacement for liquid, pad and mechanical systems.


Conveyor Sanitisers

These are specialist, adjustable sanitising spray systems for treating conveyors of all sizes. They can be wall mounted or mobile. There are also options for delivering foam to conveyors.

Washdown Mixing Stations

These wall mounted mixing systems will deliver the correct doses of concentrate to the main water line delivering sanitising washdown fluids around the factory. No pump is required as the mixing is achieved via the venturi principle.

Air Fogging Guns

Our air operated fogging and spray guns are used to produce low volume, small drop sized mists. These can be directed by an operator.

Says Director Ivan Zytynski: “The Lafferty range has some really exciting and smart products to improve industrial cleaning and disinfecting while reducing water usage and costs. We’re delighted to be able to offer this range of solutions to our existing and future customers in addition to our existing spray solutions.”

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About Lafferty Equipment

Based in Arkansas, USA, Lafferty Equipment has been manufacturing high-quality foamers, sprayers, foggers and dilution control systems for over 35 years. Lafferty products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural, institutional and industrial sectors.


About SNP

SNP supply spray nozzle solutions to industries worldwide, underpinned by friendly, knowledgeable, efficient customer service. The SNP range includes tank washing nozzles, hydraulic nozzles, air atomising nozzles, custom piping assemblies and spray accessories. The company offers in-depth technical and application support, ensuring customers always have the correct nozzle solution to meet their needs whether they are a large multinational, a small business or design engineer and whatever the size or stage of their project.
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