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The Professional Sprayers People

We supply a range of market leading professional spraying equipment , including backpack sprayers, handheld sprayers, fire fighting equipment, powder and granule applicators, misters and nebulisers and a host of innovative accessories. Our products are robust, multifunctional and built for ease of use by professionals in the horticultural, agricultural, groundskeeping, forestry and fire fighting industries.

As our company name would suggest, the Professional Sprayers People (PSP) supply market beating spraying equipment solutions designed primarily for use by professionals such as garden contractors, grounds keepers, farmers, horticulturists and fire fighters.

We have a full range of manual sprayers from simple hand-held spot sprayers to 20 litre backpack sprayers for larger jobs. Our equipment is suitable for a wide variety of jobs including insecticide, herbicide and liquid fertiliser spraying as well as wood treatment, upholstery & carpet cleaning and car valeting. In addition to spraying equipment we also supply dust applicators, granule spreaders and one of the most powerful leaf blowers on the market.

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Key products

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers

All our backpack sprayers are built for professional use. This means they are of a rugged design as well as delivering precision spraying. Looked after properly our sprayers will give years or even decades of trouble-free spraying and the 3 year commercial use warranty offers peace of mind.

  • Tough & rugged design
  • Four stage filtration
  • Range of sizes
  • Wide range of accessories and add-ons
  • Versatile
  • Multifunctional
Handheld Sprayes

Hand held sprayers

Our range of smaller hand-held sprayers are suitable for a variety of small spraying applications such as indoor plant watering, green house insecticide spraying, odour elimination and spot spraying of plants. They are built with the same dedication to quality as all our other professional grade products.

  • Professional, high quality sprayers
  • Range of sizes
  • High quality robust design
  • Suitable for many small spraying jobs
Firefighting Sprayer

Fire fighting products

The professional fire fighter demands the very best equipment. Poor quality kit can literally cost lives when combatting fire. Our equipment is used by some 80% of the UK’s fire services it is also extensively used by private fire services and in commercial / industrial fire safety applications.

  • Flexible & solid backpacks
  • Suitable for forest fires, heath fires, car fires and chimney fires
  • Skid mounted units for use with foam or water
Misters and Nebulisers

Misters & nebulisers

Our powered fogging machines mix either liquid or powder with air to produce a fog. This is suitable for treating poultry sheds, stables, green houses, grain storage silos and industrial spaces with a variety of insecticides, fungicides and disinfectants.

  • Motorised backpack nebulisers
  • Hand held electric foggers
  • Distributes liquid, powdered & granulated product
Powder and Granule Applicators

Powder & granule applicators

We supply applicators which are suitable for the distribution of powders and granulated pesticides and herbicides as well as being suitable for seed distribution applications. There are two main types of granule application technique: targeted and broadcast.

  • Manually operated
  • Soil injection
  • Backpack or hand held versions
  • Suitable for all powdered and granulated agrochemcials
Professional Spraying Accessories


To accompany our backpack and other sprayers we provide a selection of add-on items to increase their versatility and usefulness. These include a wide variety of booms, lances, nozzle kits and dosing valves to be fitted to our standard sprayers.

  • Lances
  • Soil injectors
  • Regulator valves
  • Nozzle tips
  • Booms
  • Flowrate regulators
  • Control shields
  • Service kits

The PSP Difference

Market-leading Guarany range
Robust, rugged and ergonomically designed for professional use
Multi-functional, versatile equipment
3-year guarantee on key products
Fire-fighting equipment
Range of equipment in organic materials

At PSP, we don’t just deliver a range of great products. We offer advice and technological support, helping our customers find the right product for their specific needs.

All our products are made by Guarany, which has been manufacturing market-leading professional spraying equipment for more than 90 years.

We pride ourselves on our helpful, friendly customer service, and would love to assist you with any professional spraying problem or requirement you may have

Key industries & applications

Horticulture and Agriculture

Horticulture & agriculture

The spraying of herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers is an every day task for professional growers the world over. In commercial green houses, polytunnels and on smaller open-air crop fields, our backpack and compression sprayers, with their unique precision dosing and application features, can offer the efficiencies and performance of high-tech, largescale spraying systems. A range of accessories also increases functionality making these products extremely versatile.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance

Groundskeeping and contracting works are physically demanding, meaning kit needs to be robust and durable as well as ergonomically built to ensure it is comfortable and does not contribute to injuries such as back problems. Our products have been designed with the user firmly in mind and a range of accessories such as telescopic lances ensures physical exertion and strain is minimised wherever possible.

Fire Fighting

Fire safety

We offer a range of first response fire-fighting equipment specifically designed to help combat the threat of fire in hard to reach areas. Known for its quality and durability, our flexible backpack is a tried and tested bit of kit used by firefighters across the UK for incidents such as brush fires, car fires and chimney fires. The flexible nature of the bag gives the user far greater manoeuvrability than a rigid tank backpack and means it folds away for easy storage.



In addition to liquid spraying equipment we offer a range of niche products which are ideal for use in forestry. Our granule application systems enable precise dosing and distribution of pelleted chemicals and dusting systems allow for the delivery of powders. In areas where it is important that excess chemicals or products are not harming the surrounding environment, these tools offer targeted treatment as well as reducing the cost of wasted product.

Domestic Spraying

Home use

Our range of products are also suitable for home use. They are simple to use and, as they are designed for use by professional sprayers, are extremely durable, making them very good value. Their versatility due to the range of accessories available also makes them an attractive option for home use, saving on buying multiple devices and taking up less storage space.

Who are we?

PSP is part of The Spray People Group (SPG) which was founded in 2013 to bring under one umbrella our specialist business units. SPG has more than four decades combined experience of providing spray nozzles and other niche products and solutions to industry.

Our headquarters are in the UK but we work with customers all over the world. As well as distributing market-leading products, our service across all our group companies is underpinned by in-depth technical and application support, ensuring our clients always have the correct solution for their individual needs.

To find out more about The Professional Sprayers People, please visit our website.

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