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The Air Nozzle People

We supply compressed air solutions and air enhancement products to a wide range of industries and for a broad range of applications. Our range, which is underpinned by in-depth technical and application support, includes air flow enhancement products, air conveyors, vortex tube coolers, air optimisation products and static control products.

The Air Nozzle People (ANP) are the leading provider of standard and custom-designed compressed air enhancement products solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. ANP is a distributor for the world leading NexFlow range of products which aim to improve plant and energy efficiency, improve quality and enhance the environment.

We offer in-depth technical and application support, ensuring you always have the correct nozzle system or product to meet your specific needs and applications. We have the most comprehensive product line of air nozzles and are committed to maintaining our leadership role by the introduction of new products, improvement of overall efficiencies, and above all, by listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

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Key products

Air Flow Enhancement

Air flow enhancement

The energy efficient product range is the core of ANP’s offering. Each of the various air nozzles within this product range serve to amplify the effects of a pressurised air supply. This is achieved by focusing and shaping the air into the desired pattern and also by entraining the surrounding air to help amplify the force of air moved.

  • Air Knives
  • Air Amplifiers
  • Air Nozzles
  • Air Edgers
  • Airjets
  • Ring Blades
Air Conveyors

Air conveyors

Air conveyors are an alternative to other forms of conveyor system when the environment is dirty, wet or is otherwise hostile to the deployment of electrically powered systems or where space prohibits such systems.

  • Blind hole cleaning systems
  • Fume removal
  • Ring vacs
  • Hand vacs
  • Drum pumps
Vortex Tube Coolers

Vortex tube coolers

We supply a range of products which use vortex tube technology to bring cooling power to various parts of the factory or industrial environment. One huge advantage of Vortex cooling is that it requires no power other than the air-line.

  • Adjustable spot coolers
  • Cabinet /enclosure coolers
  • Dry tool coolers
  • Mini coolers
  • Mist coolers
  • Spot coolers
Air Optimisation Products

Air optimisation products

The successful deployment of products like air knives, air conveyors, cabinet coolers etc will depend on how air flow and pressure are controlled. This range of complementary products helps optimise our air moving and enhancement lines.

  • Air Flow Meters
  • Compact Sound Meters
  • Leak Detectors
  • Pressure regulators
  • Air filters
Static Control Products

Static control products

The control of static charge build-up is important in many industrial and manufacturing systems. Static can cause a sparking risk in explosive environments or can cause loose product or dust to become stuck to surfaces making them harder to clean. Static control products are required in many environments.

  • Static Control Blowers
  • Ionising Air Guns
  • Ionising Air Nozzles
  • Static Control Air Knives
  • Ionising Air Nozzles
  • Static Control Air Knives

Benefit of compressed enhancement products

Improved air efficiency
Enhanced impact and air flow
Use up to 90% less energy
Reduce noise pollution
No external power sources
Cost savings

Whatever your industry or company size and whether you are at the very beginning of a project or need replacement product in a hurry, we would be delighted to offer help and advice. All enquiries and are handled by our dedicated team of experts and orders are fulfulled quickly and efficiently from our stock-holding facilities in the UK.

We pride ourselves on our helpful, friendly customer service, and are look forward to assisting you with any air nozzle requirement you may have.

Key industries & applications

Food Processing

Food processing

The food processing industry has many uses for compressed air products in drying, air blow-off and cooling applications. Less commonly our products are also used to move powdered or granulated products around the factory in air conveying / hopper loading systems.

  • Air blow off
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Fume & dust management
  • Product moving
  • Static control


The uses of compressed air around manufacturing plants are many and varied. Our compressed air enhancement products ensure the efficient and safe use of compressed air, delivering cost savings, improved performance and better safety and have many advantages over alternatives like blowers and chillers.

  • Air blow off
  • Cooing extrusions
  • Drying
  • Fume & dust management
  • Product moving
  • Static control
Surface Metal Finishing

Surface metal / finishing

Air enhancement products can offer huge benefits to the pre-treatment industry, drastically improving processes and results. They can be used to remove water used for rinsing, increase drying times and remove fumes and small dust and other particles as well as in general plant operations.

  • Air blow off
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Fume & dust management
  • Product moving
  • Static control
Cabinet Panel Cooling

Cabinet / panel cooling

The basic premise behind all our air enhancement products is to improve air flows and hence reduce the amount of compressed air required to deliver the desired cooling effect. In addition to the air flow enhancement products we also supply vortex tube coolers which use compressed air to generate cold air streams.

  • Electrical cabinet cooling
  • Tool cooling
  • Spot cooling
  • No refrigerants
  • No external power source
  • NEMA/IP rates
  • No moving parts


There are many uses of compressed air in the machining sector which improve processes and deliver cost savings. Air enhancement products can be used in processes such as swarf removal and tool cooling and in general plant operations.

  • Swarf removal
  • Dry tool cooling
  • Mist tool cooling
  • Fume & dust management
  • Product moving
  • Product cooling

Who are we?

ANP is part of The Spray People Group (SPG) which was founded in 2013 to bring under one umbrella our specialist business units. SPG has more than four decades combined experience of providing a broad range of nozzles and other niche products and solutions to industry.

Our headquarters are in the UK but we work with customers all over the world. As well as distributing market-leading products, our service across all our group companies is underpinned by in-depth technical and application support, ensuring our clients always have the correct solution for their individual needs.

To find out more about The Air Nozzle People, please visit our website.

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